Monoclonal Antibody

Healthcare Transformation through Innovative Cell and Gene Therapies

Theertha is at the forefront of biosimilar drug development, capitalizing on the surge of monoclonal antibody approvals in recent years. Drawing from extensive experience, our team is commencing the development of carefully selected biosimilar candidates, with a keen focus on monoclonal antibodies used in targeted therapies for conditions like cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases. By thoroughly analyzing factors such as patent expiration, market size, and clinical profiles, we've curated our next wave of candidates. Our approach emphasizes a precise selection process and the potential for collaborations or client-based partnerships. Join Theertha in advancing accessible solutions within the competitive landscape of monoclonal antibody therapies, contributing to the vital mission of affordable and quality healthcare.

Our Areas of Proficiency

  • Stem Cell Therapy Advancement

    Harnessing the latent potential of stem cells for regenerative medicine and tissue rejuvenation.

  • Cell Secretomes Exploration

    Probing the curative potential of bioactive molecules secreted by cells.

  • Cell Exosome Harvesting

    Extracting and refining exosomes for precision-targeted therapeutic distribution.

  • Large Scale Plasmid Manufacturing

    Supplying premium-grade genetic constructs tailored for gene therapy and cutting-edge research.

  • Viral Vector Innovation

    Engineering efficient viral vectors to facilitate secure gene delivery.

  • Viral Vector Packaging Excellence

    Ensuring optimal packaging of viral vectors to maximize therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Genetic Construct Characterization

    Thorough assessment of plasmids, viral vectors, and viral particles for optimal safety and efficacy.

Vector construction

  • Gene synthesis

  • Cloning and assembly

  • Large-scale plasmid production and purification

Vector production

  • customized media Suspension viral production

  • consumables Reagents and supplements cGMP grade

Vector purification

  • Platform purification technologies and process (Affinity chromatography Ion exchange chromatography) Centrifugation

  • CGMP chemicals and process liquids

Method development

  • Identity, purity, and contamination assays

  • Functional and physical parameters

  • Empty capsid analysis

  • Suitable technical tools

At Theertha, we are passionate about harnessing the power of viral vectors to create transformative gene therapies. Whether you're a researcher, healthcare provider, or biotech company, we're here to support your journey with innovative solutions. Contact us today to explore and elevate your gene therapy projects.